**Due to a lack of sources for a particular kind of material I used in the flexible "stained glass" collars, I am not able to produce any of these right now. I'm working on finding alternative materials and techniques that are durable, comfortable and not cost prohibitive. I can make non-flexible "stained glass" pieces such as those shown in the "wings" necklaces
Triptych dark gates solo Victorian Scroll Pendant glass CopperShell Sheds silver pearlsBg Fae Forest Window Pendant glass Winterscape Triptych Necklace
Bouru Vase Necklace Fae Forest Large Marquise Pendant Amber in Amethyst1 Ember Shards Pendant solo Fae Forest Pearl Marquise Pendant
Fae Windows Pendant plaster Flower Painting Marquise Pendant glass Glimpses of a Night Sky MIdnightPetalsGrnDropMAIN PoseidonTrinkets pendant WebLg
Source of the GreatOldOnesPendant WebLg WishVaseRennconePendantPcs DSCF5048 DSCF5050 DSCF4440
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Most of the items in this gallery are one-of-a-kind and the majority has already been sold, but requests for similar or like items are always welcome. To see what I presently have available via online purchasing, see my Etsy or Artfire stores.