Because I am constantly asked "what is this made of", I'll go through some of the more non-traditional materials that I use. For now, here is a list.


    * Polymer Clay-- Kato Poly Clay, Premo, and sometimes Sculpey
    * Liquid polymer-- Kato Liquid Sculpey, Translucent Liquid Sculpey, Fimo Decorating Gel
    * A variety of Low/No Solvent Resins
    * Sculptable Expoy putty-- Apoxie Sculpt, Magic Sculpt
    * Copper, silver, aluminum, and brass plate, wire, and flashing


    * Acrylics paints--Liquitex, Jacquard Luminere, Golden
    * Tempura Paint--Rich Art Glossy Tempura
    * Metal Leaf
    * Foil Papers
     *Alcohol inks--Ranger Pinata
    * Resin dyes--Castin' Craft
    * Plastic Colorants--SoStrong
    * Mica Powders--PearlEx, Ranger Pearls, and homemade mixes of varied mica grinds mixed with natural colorants
    * Embossing enamels--Ranger Embossing Powders
    * Gilder's paste--Baroque Art
    * Glass beads & cabacons and Austrian crystal
    * Copper, sterling & fine silver, gold, bronze, nickel/leadfree base metals in solid & plated wire, beads, & chain
    * Water based Varathane sealer
    * Embrodiery thread
    * Various fabirics, ribbons and trim
    * Found objects


Info & How to stuff

The Polymer Arts: News and subscription information on the magazine created for professional and aspiring polymer clay artists. Also contains the most comprehensive list on polymer clay related resources anywhere.

Glass Attic: Polymer Clay information. If you are willing to do the rummaging, you can find a variety of answers to any polymer question you have on this site. A collection of reasearched text, comments, and polymer artists' input as well as links. No more comprehensive site out there, although not real pretty. But who cares!

PCAGOE (Polymer Clay Artists Guild of Etsy): If you sell PolyClay pieces on Etsy, you should really look at joining . Just a wonderful group of supportive, learned, talented and inspiring people.

Polymer Clay Central: A busy, if a bit rambling, forum. Post any question you have and in minutes, you'll have some kind of answer. Wait a day and you'll probably have more information than you need. Just a great gathering place.

Polymer Clay Daily: A daily dose of polymer clay inspiration. Short blogs posts and pretty pictures. A must for anyone polymer enthusiast.

Material Resources

Great On-line Polymer clay and tool resources I've used and can recommend for fast, friendly service and good prices:

Smooth-On: Resin, molding materials and casting plastics ... the sculputural community's standard resource. Good for large quantity orders.

Ebay: Resins (search "casting resin"), PMC, beads, silver, tools, molds ... but check your local stores first. With shipping costs the deals aren't always as good as they might seem.

Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and your local Art supply stores. There are very few things I use that can't be purchased at local stores in some version. These are the best places to start when you begin playing with these materials.

Home Improvement stores: Varathane Waterbased Sealer, hardware, UV resistant paints, etc.

Harbor Freight Tools:  Inexpensive tool resource. Check this site or a local store before shelling out big bucks for "specialty" artists tools. Inexpensive but perfectly good files, sandpaper, gloves, masks, respirators, torches, drills, dental tools, pliers, wire cutters, polishing wheels, etc. can be found here.