**Due to a lack of sources for a particular kind of material I used in the flexible "stained glass" collars, I am not able to produce any of these right now. I'm working on finding alternative materials and techniques that are durable, comfortable and not cost prohibitive. I can make non-flexible "stained glass" pieces such as those shown in the "wings" necklaces
Most of the items in this gallery are one-of-a-kind and the majority has already been sold, but requests for similar or like items are always welcome. To see what I presently have available via online purchasing, see my Etsy or Artfire stores.
Royal Coin Drop Ornament Jarrod's Vessel Lg Royal Holiday Ornament
Hope Filigree bottle Gaea Vessel Faerie Fossil 2
DragonetFossil1Lg Paul's Fantasy Chess Set

Most of my work involves polymer clay as a primary material, except when it comes to some of my vessels, wall pieces and garden decor. Vessels usually start from a glass piece that I found inspiring and are decorated with polymer. The wall art and garden pieces are carved in polymer and/or plaster then are molded and cast in resin or paper pulp and accented with polymer pieces.

Since I have acquired an allergy like sensitivity to resin, I do not generally make the Garden Faerie doors any longer since resin is really the only option for casting outdoor items like these. The fossil are now cast primarily in recycled paper pulp, which satisfies the tree hugging side of me as well as avoiding allergic reactions.
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